What does “virgin” human hair mean? Virgin hair is 100% human hair. It is completely unprocessed and intact. It has not been relaxed, dyed, colored, bleached or chemically altered in any way. With all hair strands facing in the same direction (remy).

What is the origin of the Same Girl…Different Hair Extensions? All of our virgin hair is 100% authentic and has been imported from different countries such as India, South America, Peru and Asia.

What does the term “weft” mean? Wefts are the tracks bonded together to attach the virgin hair for the weaving process.

Will the hair look exactly like the photos on the site? The picture is presented to give an idea of the hair’s texture and length. Our hair systems are collected from private donors, which may cause a slight variation in bundles when compared to our photos.

How is this length measured? All hair is measured at it's straightest and are true to length.

How much hair is needed for a full sew-in? The fullness that you desire is ultimately your decision. We suggest:

3-4 bundles 14”-18”

4 bundles 20”-30”

Reminder: Longer hair equals shorter weft width. Which is why more bundles are needed. 

How many ounces are in each bundle? 3.5 ounces.

How long does the hair last? Depending on how you maintain and protect your hair, it can last from 6 months to 1 year and beyond.

What color is the hair? The natural state of the donor’s hair color, which is closest related to a 1B.

Can I dye the hair? Yes.

Can I straighten the hair? Yes.

Can the weft be cut? Yes, but we do not suggest this. It may cause a conflict with the longevity of the hair.

Does the hair shed? You will experience minimum shedding, meaning it will not compromise the volume and fullness of your hair. Proper hair care and maintenance is recommended.

How should I protect my hair at night? That is solely up to your discretion. We will only recommend that you NEVER go to sleep with wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair will cause your hair to tangle, which may cause your hair to lose it’s natural curl pattern. Be sure that your hair is dry before bed.

Can I go swimming? We would suggest putting your hair in a protective style to keep the hair from tangling.  Be sure to wash and condition the hair after swimming.

How can I get my hair to return to it's natural curl pattern? Wet your extensions and it will retract back to it's natural state. Excessive heat will make the process harder to return to the curl pattern.

What forms of payment do you accept? All major credit cards are accepted.  

How do I maintain my hair?  

Pre-Installation Instructions: 

1. Co-wash hair using moisturizing conditioner.

2. Rinse using cold water.

3. Let hair air dry.

4. Install. 

Post-Installation Instructions: 

1. Regularly shampoo and condition hair with sulfate-free products.

2. Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing down your hair. 

3. When hair is wet, comb/brush through with a plastic paddle brush. 

4. Minimum amount of heat will ensure the longevity/lifetime of your hair. 

5. Always comb/brush hair from the ends to your scalp.

6. Avoid alcohol based products.

What does "co-wash" mean? Also known as conditioner washing, co-washing is a no-shampoo method of cleansing your hair. A MOISTURIZING conditioner is suggested to keep your waves/curls moisturized and healthy.

Is there a location where I can come purchase hair? Unfortunately, at this time we are an online based company with NO storefront for you to make a purchase. All orders must be placed online.